Inflatable Images

What We Do

Our expert team of designers using state of art technology can design the most innovative inflatable for you.

Company Overview

For more than 30 years, Inflatable Images has been turning the subliminal into the sublime by adding the third dimension to some of the most recognized products, characters and special shapes in the world. We have been instrumental in developing, challenging and expanding the outdoor inflatables market. We are counted upon by thousands of corporations, government agencies, organizations, sports teams and small companies to produce the most comprehensive lineup of promotional inflatables and integrated digital print products in the world.

Bringing Out the Best Outdoor Inflatables

Inflatable Image prides itself by incorporating the most advanced technologies available to our industry. Our highly skilled team utilizes state of the art printing, cutting and digital equipment, and the latest 3D engineering software available to design and manufacture the best outdoor inflatables. Inflatable Images is in position to meet or exceed our clients’ exact requirements for high quality design, fit and finish. Our skilled designers, technicians and artisans are dedicated to the notion that uncompromising quality and relentless service are the backbone of our business.

Inflatable Images is the largest manufacturer of custom design cold air inflatables in the United States.

Inflatable Images