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Our expert team of designers using state of art technology can design the most innovative inflatable for you.

Ohio Area Inflatable Water Park Creations

Setting up an inflatable water park gives families a way to cool off and have fun while keeping your company’s message in front of them. Inflatable Images turns your concepts into a reality with creations designed to meet your specifications. Our goal is to make an awe-inspiring inflatable that you’re proud to display and your customers can enjoy. These water park inflatables are also a fun touch for company picnics.

Our Inflatable Water Park Creation Process

At Inflatable Images, our creation process begins with developing an understanding of your promotion needs. After an initial consultation, we begin the process of turning your ideas from a concept into a highly visible reality. 

The conceptual stage begins with creating a sketch of your ideas. The sketch is then developed into a 3D model so you can make sure it has the look you want. Our specialized software turns the 3D model into pattern pieces that lay flat, so the manufacturing team can cut and sew your inflatable water park.

Lighting For Evening Events

Inflatable water parks aren’t only for daytime fun. If you’re setting up during the warm season, when the evenings aren’t too chilly, a water park with proper outdoor lighting can stretch the fun into twilight hours and beyond. Extending the event after dark makes it even more unique, remarkable and unforgettable for attendees. 

Inflatable Images offers outdoor lighting that features LED bulbs. Using LED instead of incandescent or metal-halide lighting cuts the energy used by up to 80 percent without sacrificing light quality. This adds an innovative, eco-friendly and cost-effective element to your event. 

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Inflatable water parks draw a crowd and people stick around to enjoy the fun. Fill out our online contact form today to request a quote or more information about our products. You’re also welcome to call us during regular business hours at (330) 273-3300 to speak with someone right away.