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Outdoor Inflatables

The most advanced 3D engineering software and digital equipment come together at Inflatable Images. Created by highly skilled designers, technicians and artisans, our outdoor inflatables and digital print products help our clients to stand out and make a lasting impression. Our process is carefully crafted to exceed client expectations, from the initial conceptual phase, all the way through to manufacturing.

Our products include:

  • Custom inflatable characters, logos, arches,
  • Digital billboards and graphics,
  • Inflatable bouncers and obstacle courses,
  • Product replicas,
  • And much more!

Inflatable Images is located at 2880 Interstate Parkway, Brunswick, OH 44212. To find out more about our products, get in touch with the information below, or by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


2880 Interstate Parkway

Brunswick, OH 44212

Phone: 330-273-3200

Toll Free: 1-800-783-5717

Fax: 330-273-3212

Email: [email protected]

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