Custom Inflatables

Shelters and Tents

Shelters and Tents

Perfect addition to your outdoor event!

Is your company participating in or hosting an outdoor event? Whether you’re setting up an information table at a fair or sponsoring a golf tournament, a customized inflatable outdoor tent is the perfect way to set up your event and enhance your brand’s presence. Here’s a look at the benefits our clients are experiencing from their inflatable outdoor tents from Inflatable Images®.

Draw Attention to Your Display

Regardless of where your outdoor event is, a bland setup won’t get your company the recognition it deserves. Instead, Inflatable Images® can help you stand out and attract attention. Customize an outdoor tent with your logo and company colors, and allow its aesthetic appeal to draw in the crowd. It’s a much greater challenge to get noticed by prospective clients at a plain and basic table – especially when your competitors are using customized tents.

Protection from the Elements

We all know the weather can change suddenly. Having a tent (or several) provides a shady oasis during heat waves or keeps your staff, visitors and collateral dry in the rain. Plus, since our tents are anchored into the ground, you don’t have to worry about gusts of wind wreaking havoc on your display. Without an inflatable outdoor tent from Inflatable Images, you may be forced to close down early in inclement weather.

Useful for Many Events

Our inflatable outdoor tents are appropriate for a wide range of outdoor events and can be set up and taken down within minutes. From state fairs to local concerts, it’s always important to have your brand leaving lasting impressions on your current and future clients. And you don’t have to worry about a power source – our tents feature a continuously operating electric fan that does not require access to an outlet or generator. Just a few of the places or occasions our inflatable outdoor tents can be used at include:

  • Grand openings
  • Farmers markets
  • Tailgating events
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Fairs and street markets
  • Charity tournaments or outings
  • Races such as 5Ks and triathlons
  • Company parties or special events

Tailored to Your Needs

At Inflatable Images®, we offer a wide variety of inflatable outdoor tents and other designs to suit your needs. They are available in an array of sizes and can be customized with any logos, color schemes and designs you desire. Our trained and skilled designers will sit down with you and draw up a detailed blueprint of your project. Then, we’ll create a three-dimensional product of your design for your approval.

Once you approve the design, our staff creates your custom pattern out of the highest quality materials and delivers the finished product right do your door. We assure you that it’s simpler than it seems, and our design team will navigate you through the entire process to ensure your inflatable outdoor tent exceeds your expectations and provides high visibility for your brand.

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Inflatable Pubs

Inflatable Pubs

Advertise at your next community event!

Advertise your restaurant or set up your business at the next community event with an inflatable pub. We can turn any vision or idea into an inflatable design that helps you sell your products or simply have fun. These air-filled structures let you bring an English pub to your next event. At Inflatable Images®, we use state of the art technology to create a personalized structure to suit your needs.

Choosing a Shelter

Shelter-type inflatables are suitable for a variety of events and weather conditions. Whether fully-enclosed to protect against the wind and the cold or covered to keep out the rain, inflatable pubs make it easy to serve drinks and food items to potential customers and guests. At Inflatable Images®, we have a wide variety of designs to choose from to suit your business needs. We can also help you create a design that advertises your services from all angles by using 360-degree artwork. These portable pubs are ideal for businesses that frequently set up at trade shows or outdoor events.

The Design Process for Inflatable Pubs

All of our designs begin as a simple sketch. We can make your pub look like the exterior of your physical business or a unique attention-getter. Once you approve the artwork, we turn the sketch into a 3D model you can manipulate. Our experienced and talented design team then use 3D software to create a pattern for your pub. Finally, the artwork is sent to our print center, where it’s cut out using high-quality materials. These materials are sewn together and inflated for your review. Our inflatables install within five minutes and deflate quickly for easy storage.

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