Building and Walkway Graphics

Eye-catching graphics that powerfully communicate your brand message!

Building and Walkway Graphics

Custom outdoor graphics grab the attention of your customers by informing them of your business and services before they even walk into your building. Digitally printed outdoor graphics transform your blank surface into a message board for the world to see!


Create lasting impressions! Inflatable Images® Brickscapes enhance those overlooked, boring exterior walls with the beauty of vibrant graphics. Our collection of semi-permanent applications will adhere to a variety of surfaces including brick, concrete and semi-textured walls. Make your building memorable with the unmistakable brilliance of Brickscapes!


Stay a step ahead of the game! Inflatable Images® Walkscapes are the perfect solution for engaging walk-by traffic indoors and outdoors. Use Walkscapes on carpet, street, sidewalks, hallways, showrooms, and more. Great application for social distancing regulations!

Contact Inflatable Images for Building and Walkway Graphics

Excited by what you see? Ready to take the next step? If you're interested in designing your own Building and Walkway Graphics, contact Inflatable Images at (330) 273-3200 or by using our contact form.

Once you reach out to us, we begin a four-step design and production process to help create your own incredible building and walkway graphics that you can feel excited about. For more information and details, check out Our Process.

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