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Inflatable Sports Games

Give fans of all ages the opportunity to enjoy sports challenges with inflatable games of skill that are fun and easy to use.

Inflatable Games of Skill

If you’re hosting a corporate event or an exciting sports game matchup, an inflatable game of skill from Inflatable Images can be a great way to keep participants engaged and entertained.

What Are Inflatable Games of Skill?

Inflatable games of skill include obstacle courses, interactive games and other physical challenges. These can be a great way to keep visitors to your outdoor or corporate event entertained, and will appeal to baseball, football and soccer enthusiasts alike.

Basketball Inflatable Games of Skill

Practice sinking baskets on our inflatable basketball hoop. Players can use a traditional basketball to play a friendly game of HORSE or practice their 3-point shot. The challenge becomes even more fun when participants bounce in the court area to boost them higher towards the basket for making fun layups or attempting a slam dunk.

Football Inflatable Games of Skill

With inflatable football games, participants can practice throwing footballs into designated holes and tackling linebackers. They’re a great choice for outdoor events to help engage kids and young adults in friendly competitive skill-based games.

Other Sporting Event Inflatables

Whether you’re trying to build up team spirit or getting ready for an upcoming rival matchup, you can boost fan participation with an inflatable sports mascot display. We create mascots for high school, college, indoor, outdoor and arena league sports.

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To find out more about our high-quality inflatable objects, contact Inflatable Images at 800-783-5717. Give us a call today or request a quote to find out how we can help generate interest for your special event or organization.

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