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Based in Brunswick, OH, we are a leader in designing and manufacturing commercial inflatables.

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Our people are essential to the way we do business. We develop as a company by working closely with our staff. Product research and development is a key and vital role in our ability to provide the highest levels of quality. We are constantly developing new products, ideas and technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients and the industries we serve. We listen carefully to our clients, work together, think creatively and encourage individual accountability. We believe that with this approach Inflatable Images has been and continues to be the industry standard.

Why We Are Different

Inflatable Images prides itself by incorporating the most advanced technologies available to our industry. Our design staff utilizes state-of-the-art printing, cutting and digital equipment, and the latest 3D engineering software available to bring out top-quality commercial inflatables. Inflatable Images is in position to meet or exceed our clients’ exact requirements for high quality design, fit and finish.

How We Work

Our goal is to provide our clients with unique and highly visible inflatables, digital promotions and displays that complement a total advertising campaign. By working closely with our clients during the concept and design phase, we can ensure we have a shared vision and understanding of the entire project. This basic formula ensures we will be able to design and deliver uncompromising products and promotions that command attention, generate brand recognition and create lasting impressions every time.